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For beginners, you will work progressively so that proper foundations are taught to prevent injury and promote strong technique. You will learn basic steps, freezes, stops and transitions from standing to floor and back up again. History and philosophy are two major components of the class. For more advanced students, you will be given more complex combinations designed to challenge you to the fullest.

For kids looking for an exciting challenge, look no further than Dance Studiou2019s breakdance classes. Based loosely around hip-hop dance, breakdance is an exciting challenge that will allow kids to gain confidence and master amazing skills. At Dance Studio Pointe, we offer breakdance classes for kids ages 10 and up in the local area, so why not bring your kids for an unforgettable learning experience?


Insight Studio


28 Aug 2019


Design, Art Direction

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Breaking is the original hip-hop urban dance, influenced heavily from Latin/African dance styles, gymnastics, and martial arts. At our breakdance school, we will explore the entire vocabulary range of the dance, from u201cfootworku201d to u201cpower movesu201d to u201cfreezes.u201d Other common moves students learn include 6-step, 4-step, and top rock. The 6-step functions as a base that will, in turn, help students perform many other moves. Breakdance is a great way to help students learn more complicated movements, body contortion, and acrobatics, making it a fantastic way for your kids to stay in shape.

At Dance Studio, our breakdance classes are perfect for kids who have never danced and have little to no dance experience. Weu2019ll take you through the history of breakdance, and teach students how to express themselves through breakdance. As one of the more dynamic and entertaining forms of dance, students need to come determined and focusedu2026as well as ready to sweat a lot! But most importantly, kids will have a lot of fun learning new moves and techniques. While no previous skills are required, breakdance can be challenging and we recommend that all students come in with a can-do attitudeu2014it will take you far!

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